New Product Launch DALCARA®sorafenib


At Bioprofarma Bagó, we are excited to present the launch of the product DALCARA® sorafenib, for our Oncology Business Unit.

DALCARA® sorafenib is approved by ANMAT for:
– the treatment of liver cancer (hepatocellular carcinoma);
– the treatment of advanced stage renal cancer (advanced renal cell carcinoma) when standard treatment has not helped to stop the disease or is not considered appropriate; and
– treatment of thyroid cancer (differentiated thyroid carcinoma).

How supplied:
DALCARA® 200 mg x 112 coated tablets.

DALCARA® sorafenib joins our portfolio of products for the treatment of kidney cancer, together with BIALKO® pazopanib and BIOZANIB® cabozantinib.

This new treatment alternative comes to provide specialists with more options for their patients’ care.

XXVI Argentine and International Congress of Clinical Oncology organized by the AAOC

November 8-10, the XXVI Argentine and International Congress of Clinical Oncology 2023 was held at La Rural, in the City of Buenos Aires, and Bioprofarma Bago was there.

26th ARGENTINE CONGRESS OF HEMATOLOGY organized by the Argentine Society of Hematology

Bioprofarma Bagó participated in the 26th Argentine Congress of Hematology 2023, which was held from November 1st to the 4th at its two venues: the Sheraton Hotel and the Costa Galana Hotel, in the City of Mar del Plata.

New Product Launch VETRANO®palbociclib

We are thrilled to present to our community the launch of the product VETRANO® palbociclib, for our Oncology Line.