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We provide drugs with a high added value for health care and treatments for high complexity diseases, for both overall patients and the medical and scientific community

Our products

are mainly addressed to be used in hematologic, oncologic, urologic, neurologic and nephrologic pathologies as well as rare diseases


(Español) Día Mundial de la Lucha contra el Cáncer de Mama


(Español) Desde Bioprofarma Bagó nos queremos sumar a la concientización en el Día Mundial de la Lucha contra el Cáncer de Mama

Lymphomas Cutaneous Conference


We´ve participated in the lymphomas cutaneous conference organized by the Argentine Society of Dermatology.

NEW LAUNCH: CarciVac®, vaccine onco BCG


Bioprofarma Bagó presents CarciVac® for the treatment of non-muscle invasive bladder cancer.

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