Our History

Bioprofarma Bagó’s history starts in 2003, when Bagó Corporate Group decides to participate in the oncological and biotechnological drug market.

From that moment onwards, and always keeping as a priority to provide doctors with reliable therapeutic solutions of proven quality, our company has been working and strengthening its product portfolio by launching active substances. In order to a Company health professionals are to meeting their treatment decisions for their patients.

At present, we count with a wide portfolio with more than 40 products marketed not only in Argentina but also in Latin America, Southeast of Asia and French-speaking Africa, among other countries in the world.
Our drugs are mainly oriented to be used in hematologic, oncological, urological, nephrological, neurological conditions, and also orphan diseases.

In addition to the products developed at our pharmaceutical facilities, we held license authorizations from several multinational companies wich loveno presence in our country, and that have trusted us for launching, promoting and distributing their products in Argentina.

Thus for more than 15 years, Bioprofarma Bagó became as a specialized laboratory, which contributes improving people’s health and quality of life by providing access to treatments of high complexity in different therapeutic areas.

Being part of Bagó Group , with its background, strength and prestige, supports confirms our identity.