Values Statement


We are aware that in each product Biopharma Bagó dispenses to market there is not only a certified quality but also hope, and a potential improvement in the patient quality of life.


Awareness and commitment are our growth drivers that inspire and motivate our permanent searchinching for better therapeutic alternatives. This way, and with the fulfilmente of GMP, we understand high quality concept.

Quality and innovation

We are qualified professional team aligned with strict controls in production process ensuring the effectiveness and safey of our products, fulfiling hihest quality standars. We constantly develop innovative, safety and effectiveness solutions that imporove people's quality of life


We expect to achieve high levels of performance and business responsibility in all our activities, and we apply our essential values when dealing with our business partners. We are committed to select, train and promote employees and managers with initiatives and empathy. Aligned with it, we adhere to compliance rules in order to guarantee that our values are reflected in our compromise with the Health.

Environmental responsibility

By the strict compliance of laws, dispositions, recommendations and monitoring, our activity is controlled so as to avoid any damage to the environment.